Defense Assignments are one of the four assignments in SpaceChem. In a defense assignment, the reaction engineer is provided with Atmospheric Pumps usually on an outdoor area, who must use one or multiple reactors and storage tanks to manipulate a weapon of some sort used to destroy a hazard.

Assignment AreaEdit

The area of the assignment is divided by squares, where reactors and pipes are placed and moved by the engineer. The pipelines transport the resources between the reactors, pumps and tanks, while the reactors modify the resources. You may use Storage Tanks here.
Most maps have special terrain, such as rocks, forests and old equipment, which reactors and pipes cannot be placed on. Certain assignments have restrictions, such as lack of pipe movement.


Time is precious! You MUST defend the control center.

Its health is shown here.

List Of Defense AssignmentsEdit

  • A Most Unfortunate Malfunction - Isambard MMD Fully Automated Mining Robot (Danopth) - The first defense assignment consists of destroying a malfunctioning mining bot before it crashes into the base.
  • No Need For Introductions - QUORORQUE The Defiler Alchemist (Alkonost) - A giant floating pyramid that attempts to destroy the local SpaceChem facility and with it the entire planet.
  • and more