A production assignment

Production Assignments are one of the four assignment types in SpaceChem. In a production assignment, the reaction engineer is provided with one or more pumps and storage tanks, usually on a large, outdoor area, which produces a certain atom or molecule, who must use one or multiple reactors to transform the initial resource into an output molecule, required by special cargo freighters.

Assignment AreaEdit

The area of the assignment is divided by squares, where reactors and pipes are placed and moved by the engineer. The pipelines transport the resources between the reactors, pumps and freighters, while the reactors modify the resources. Most maps have special terrain, such as rocks, forests and old equipment, which reactors and pipes cannot be placed on. Certain assignments have restrictions, such as lack of pipe movement (i.e Flidais).

Resources and SupplyEdit

Each production assignment has a resource input, such as an Atmospheric Pump where required molecules and atoms are pumped from, as well as cargo freighters, where output molecules are pumped to via pipeline. Despite their name, the large storage tanks have an infinite amount of atoms. Any pump will supply infinite amount, too.

Types of supply:

Types of ReactorsEdit

In Production Assignments usually the number and type(s) of reactors are limited, which makes the mission more challenging!

Output and Final ProductEdit

In Production Assignments you usually need to provide/manufacture one or more specific type of molecules/atoms and a requested amount of that to win the mission. Those will be collected in Transporter(s).
Each Transporter will only accept 1 specific type of molecule/atom. But they will ignore direction/angle of the requested molecule. Note, there will be no backwater jam, if a Transporter is filled.

List of Production AssignmentsEdit

In alphabetical order, SpaceChem contains the following Production Assignments: