Overview Edit

QUORORQUE - The Defiler Alchemist takes the form of a gigantic floating pyramid with a great eye set near the top of the structure.

Abilities Edit

QUORORQUE is shown to have a large array of unusual powers that it makes use of throughout its first and only encounter with the player.

  • The ability to transmute elements, for example, turning all the hydrogen in a body of water into Uranium.
  • The ability to manipulate the minds and bodies of humans.
  • Telepathic communication.
  • Shooting lightning from its eye.
  • Levitation

Def2 3 ingame-screenshot-by-me

Story Edit

When QUORORQUE appears, it takes control of Joel and causes his face to disappear, with all his features being replaced by scar tissue, and attempts to do the same to the player until a mysterious stranger shoots and kills Joel with an antique revolver.

In order to defeat it, the player has to power a particle accelerator with hydrogen peroxide in order to shoot beams of Uranium at QUORORQUE's eye until it is destroyed.

QUORORQUE appears in Alkonost in mission No Need for Introductions. It is a defence assignment.