Main Menu - ResearchNet

ResearchNet in the main menu, to the right of the Options menu button.

ResearchNet unlocked

The message one gets after unlocking ResearchNet.

ResearchNet Volume 8 Issue 15

The ResearchNet

ResearchNet is a part of the game where one can create and play custom assignments. It is unlocked after completing The Blue Danube assignment on the Atropos Station.

ResearchNet subreddit

The ResearchNet subreddit

ResearchNet also happens to be the name of the subreddit /r/researchnet that is used by people to share their ResearchNet assignments. The assignments are shared as a string of characters. By copying those characters to the clipboard and entering the Import menu in the ResearchNet of the game, the assignment is imported. /r/researchnet should not be confused with /r/spacechem/ which is a general SpaceChem subreddit for everything but sharing levels.

Related achievementsEdit

Science is an Indoor Activity Science is an Indoor Activity Beat 3 published ResearchNet assignments.
Junior Publication Reviewer Junior Publication Reviewer Beat 10 published ResearchNet assignments.
Distinguished Publication Reviewer Distinguished Publication Reviewer Beat 20 published ResearchNet assignments.