The game is set in the distant future, where humans have colonized other planets. A major issue for the

Image from initial story screen

human race, is obtaining resources, of which corporations have addressed by "rearranging" atoms and molecules to create the needed elements. The player is cast in the role of a Trainee Reactor Engineer, working for one such corporation called SpaceChem, that specializes in the atomic and molecular manipulation.

The story does not give any details of the player (gender, name etc), and provides the games story through a number of static screens of text. However, the images displayed alongside the text suggest that the protagonist is male.


SpaceChem was once a fishing organization that has expanded and since become an interstellar chemical engineering corporation. While by far a leader in its field, a disastrous accident that expelled half a station's crew out an airlock into dead space has cast SpaceChem's reputation into doubt, and it is in these troubled circumstances that the player joins SpaceChem.


The game begins with the player setting off from their home colony to begin working as Trainee Reaction Engineer, on the planet Sernimir II. There the player learns how to use the basic commands, and learns some of the history of SpaceChem.

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